Veggie Scramble. Nutrition for body & brain.
      Serves 1-2 Persons

      This recipe is quick, simple and mega tasty. Full of nutrition. Will help keep you focused for the next four/five hours and least.

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      Serves: 1-2
      Less Than 15 Mins
      15 Mins


      This recipe is great post workout. It tastes great. It leaves you feeling fuelled but not heavy!
      Tofu gives you protein.
      Lentils gives you protein & amino acid balance.
      Brocolli gives you carbs, fibre & vitamin A.
      Asparagus gives you B3 niacin to assist brain function.

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      1tbs coconut oil

      1/4 white onion

      1tsp cumin seeds

      2tsp curry powder

      1tsp organic, sugar free chilli sauce

      1 tofu block

      1 cup purple sprouting brocolli

      5 asparagus stems

      1 cup pre-cooked puy lentils

      Seasoning salt and pepper to taste

      1 avocado

      8 cherry tomatoes

      1/4 cup watercress

      How To

      Heat coconut oil in heavy based pan/pot

      Add diced onion. Cook for a few mins

      Add cumin seeds. Cook for a few mins until you smell their aroma

      Add crumbled tofu (drain first), cook for 5 mins.

      Add lentils and purple sprouting brocolli, asparagus & curry powder. Cook for 4 mins.

      Add avocado pieces, cherry tomatoes & chilli sauce. Season to taste. Cook for 2/3 more mins.

      Serve and garnish with watercress.

      ps: remember to use any spare purple sprouting brocolli as a table decoration.

      Eat, enjoy, use the fuel.


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